Rossella Iorio graduated with honours in Architectural Design (Project on Cefalù old town) at the University of Naples  ‘Federico II’ , year 1987. Supervisor: Prof. Alberto Samonà

From 1988 to 2002 she worked at the office of Prof. Carlo A. Manzo, Professor of Architectural Design at the Faculty of Architecture of the II University of Naples.

During this activity, she gained several design experiences including working in the public and private sector and participating in several national and international competitions.

The following are to be highlighted:

- Implementation projects for the 2nd pole of the University of Basilicata in Macchia Romana, Potenza (Publication: Basilicata University No. 15/1994)

- The Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Mathematics -Department of Chemistry

- Faculty of Literature and Philosophy

- University Library (Publication: Basilicata University No. 13/1992; Nacion Buenos Aires in 1993)

- Recovery plans for the City of Pescopagano (Potenza)

- Expansion of the town hall in Morra De Sanctis (Avellino)

- International competition for the design of a University Campus at Ashara-Hendefera Junior College For Natural And Paramedical Sciences, ERITREA  - 3rd place

- International Design Competition for the creation of: "Centro Studi e Ricerche del Parco Nazionale del Cilento e Vallo di Diano”[1]


Beside the above-mentioned partnership, Rossella Iorio began her professional activity developing her own important projects especially in the field of private construction and interior design. As part of those projects, here some of her most significant creations:


2004/05 Final design and works supervision of a private park with villas in the province of Isernia - Private client

2006 - Renovation of offices in Rome -Via Tiburtina - Private construction company

2007 - Renovation of an apartment – Venafro - Isernia

                2008 - Renovation of a family house located in Pian di Spille, City of Tarquinia

2009 - Renovation and works supervision of an apartment in Rome, Via della Farnesina, 202

2011 - Renovation and works supervision of an apartment in Rome, Via Imperia, 52

2010/12 - Design and art direction of a Residential Building located in Rome, via Sappada

Private company construction - participation in the competition "Prize AICAP - buildings made of structural concrete"

2013 - Renovation and works supervision of an apartment along the Lungotevere Flaminio - Rome

                2013 - Renovation and works supervision of a Medical Office located in Via Sabotino - Rome

2013/14 - Renovation and works supervision of a 300 sq.m. apartment with terraced garden located in Via Camilluccia - Rome

                2014 - Project for the renovation of a local bar located in Tunis

2015 - Renovation of an apartment located in Naples, San Giorgio a Cremano


[1]Study and Research Center of the National Park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano


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